Unraveling one of the biggest environmental scandals of our time, a group of citizens in West Virginia take on a powerful corporation after they discover it has knowingly been dumping a toxic chemical - now found in the blood of 99.7% of Americans - into the drinking water supply.



Stephanie Soechtig (Director/Producer/Writer):  Stephanie is an award-winning documentary filmmaker whose work seeks to expose injustices, often as a result of powerful entities colluding with complacent authorities.  Her most recent film, Under the Gun, was called “masterfully crafted” and “the best film on firearms since the 2002’s Oscar-winning doc Bowling for Columbine.”  Her previous film, FED UP has been likened to Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth for the way we eat.  The film spotlighted our addiction to sugar and the ensuing obesity epidemic, and succeeded in bringing the issue into the mainstream.  Her first feature film Tapped, about the bottled water industry, is what piqued her interest in exploring the risks many chemicals pose to human health and the environment.


Jeremy Seifert (Co-Director):  Jeremy is an award-winning documentary filmmaker best known for his feature films GMO OMG and DIVE! Living Off America's Waste.  His most recent collaboration is currently in production.  He has won over 30 awards at festivals around the world, including Best Documentary at the Environmental Media Awards.  The personal nature of his films, using both heart and humor, finds instant connection with viewers and inspires real change both personally and socially. 


Andrea van Beuren (Co-Executive Producer): Andrea van Beuren is the founder of Sustainable Films, a company that invests equity into non-fiction projects. Sustainable Films works with filmmakers who are telling powerful stories and raising awareness about critical issues. The company's goal is to support projects that will have a profound impact on the audiences that see them, films that will inspire social change and environmental action on a global level. Past films include Chasing CoralAlive Inside: A Story of Music and Memory and Emptying the Skies. Current projects with Morgan Neville, Lauren Greenfield, Laura Nix and Matt Tyrnauer (among others) are in the works.


Kristin Lazure (Producer):   Kristin, a 2016 Sundance Institute Catalyst fellow, produced Under the Gun and co-produced the critically-acclaimed documentary, FED UP.   Before joining the Atlas Films team, she spent almost a decade working in television news.


Josh Kunau (Producer): Josh is a lawyer and producer, whose most recent films include UNDER THE GUN and GMO OMG.  His first film, DIVE!: Living Off America’s Waste, which tackled the issue of food waste in America was invited by members of Congress to screen at the U.S. Capitol.  Josh’s films have premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and the Berlinale Film Festival, and have won over 30 awards including Best Documentary from the Environmental Media Awards.  Josh brings his experience as a lawyer and producer to each film he works on in an effort to raise awareness about important issues that affect people and the world around us.


Carly Palmour (Producer):  Carly was previously an associate producer on the Atlas Films documentaries Under the Gun and FED UP, as well as Eve Marson's documentary, Dr. Feelgood.  She also assisted with the archival portions of Sam Pollard's documentary, Two Trains Runnin'. 


Mark Monroe (Writer):  Mark has been the writer on many acclaimed documentary films, including Under the Gun, Racing Extinction, FED UP, The Tillman Story, Icarus, and The Cove, which won the Academy Award for Best Documentary.


Rod Hassler (Cinematographer): Rod is a cinematographer working out of Philadelphia and New York City. He has years of experience shooting commercial, documentary, and unscripted television content all over the globe. Rod partnered with director Jeremy Seifert for the first time on 'GMO OMG' ("attractive lensing"- Variety, "beautifully shot"-Indiewire) and has worked with him on several projects since. When he isn't holding a camera, he can usually be found in the woods foraging for mushrooms or splitting firewood. 







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